The Resiliency Resources Team (RRT) is attempting to coordinate support through as many avenues as possible given the overwhelming nature of the current situation. At present, we are helping to connect individuals to visits from our own group for check-ins with your team and to teach practical skills to coping with distress. For those who cannot make a session in-person, we are also now offering tele-groups, the schedule for which is shared in the link below. In addition, we are assisting in coordinating peer support groups. Finally, Pastoral Care is working to maintain the greatest presence possible for spiritual support. We will continue to explore and coordinate further resources and welcome any ideas you may have. At present, if you feel that you or your department are in need of any of the existing resources, please click on one of the below links and complete the resulting form, someone from the appropriate group will then reach out as soon as possible.

RRT Support

Request a Resiliency Resources Team In-Person Session

Free Online Support Groups for Healthcare Workers and Professionals from Carebridge

Peer Support
Peer support is offered and facilitated by a peer colleague (e.g. physician, nurse, APP). Those who are interested in peer support will be connected to a peer colleague in their department (e.g. if you are an RN, an RN will contact you).

Request a Physician Peer Support Session
For Residents – Details are available at Please reach out to Carebridge and SOM for individual sessions and your Chief Resident for group sessions 

Request an APP Peer Support Session

Request a Nursing Peer Support Session

Request a Pastoral Care Session