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The services and resources described below are those that are currently offered by our internal Cooper teams. If you are interested in external resources, click here

Teams, Units, & Clinics

The C.A.R.E. Team provides in-person and virtual resiliency and replenishment groups across inpatient and ambulatory settings for all team members. Past groups have included psychoeducation on anxiety, normalization and validation of emotions, and practical skills focused on grounding techniques, mindfulness, and acceptance-based strategies. 

Groups are tailored to your team’s needs and can range in length from briefly joining huddles (5 – 15 min) to more formal sessions, didactics, and process groups (45 – 60 min). 

Request a Resiliency Group for Your Team

R.I.S.E. GROUPS (Resiliency in Stressful Events)
Every day, Cooper team members face the risk of traumatic events – such as, an unexpected death, medical error, an unplanned transfer to the ICU, etc. These groups support “second victims” as traumatic experiences can increase feelings of self-doubt and burnout and hinder one’s ability to deliver safe, compassionate care. Modeled on literature from the R.I.S.E. Team at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, we provide groups with skilled, non-judgmental, and confidential support.

Please note: Research shows that psychological debriefing immediately after a traumatic event can actually worsen distress and increase risk for developing trauma symptoms over time. We recommend holding a R.I.S.E. group approximately 3-7 days after an event occurs and allowing team members space to utilize their preferred mechanisms for coping immediately after a stressful event occurs.

Request a R.I.S.E. Group for Your Team

Please note: Before scheduling a group, a member of the C.A.R.E. Team will arrange a brief meeting with you to learn more about your team’s unique needs in order to help you to determine whether a group-based intervention is the right fit.

Individual Support

Explore available supports:

    • Nurses
    • Advanced Practice Providers (APPs and LIPs) – page coming soon!
    • Physicians – page coming soon!

Support and trust among colleagues within an organization is a key component of professional well-being. In clinical medicine, this support and trust is most crucial during times of significant stress, such as being involved in a medical error, the target of patient aggression, or the many challenges associated with the current COVID-19 pandemic. 

With peer support, peers (non-mental health clinicians) offer support to their colleagues after adverse events or other professional stressful circumstances. At Cooper, we currently have Peer Support Programs for Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) and Physicians. If you are interested in peer support, you will be connected to a peer colleague in your discipline (e.g., If you are an APP, then another APP will contact you).

Cooper's EAP - Carebridge

Carebridge (800-437-0911) offers confidential short-term, solution-focused counseling and professional development coaching. For emergent needs, call Carebridge and they will connect you to a counselor immediately to discuss next steps. For non-emergent needs,  call Carebridge and you will be provided with a list of affiliate counselors.

Carebridge also provides a variety of online resources. To access, create a Carebridge account online, using the Cooper Access Code: WBPNF