The Resiliency Resources Team and COVID-19 Resources

The Resiliency Resources Team (RRT) was created to address Provider and Staff distress during the Covid-19 outbreak. This effort is led by Dr. Anthony Rostain, Chief of Psychiatry, Eileen Campbell, MSN, APN, Drs. Kelly Gilrain and Philip Fizur from Behavioral Medicine and Paula Watson from the Employee Assistance Program. There are other physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists and Social Workers from the Cooper Health System, who are also contributing to Engagement, Health and Wellness during this challenging time.

For a complete list of services and resources being offered by the RRT, please visit the team’s home page.

Cooper Heath and Wellness

Provider wellness and burnout directly impact patient care and the health of communities they serve. Recent data show that at least 45% of providers report ‘burnout’ symptoms, including low perceptions of personal accomplishment, depersonalization (detaching from patient care), and difficulties expressing or embodying empathy, sympathy, and compassion. As such, both provider health and patient care suffer as a result of provider burnout. Consequently, and consistent with the Quadruple Aim, addressing provider burnout and promoting overall wellness at Cooper University Hospital could have a meaningful positive impact on the Camden community.