The South Jersey and Philadelphia region offers many opportunities to learn about mindfulness and enhance your on practice!

New! Pacific MNDFL – Many individuals have reported struggling mentally, physically and emotionally in the throes of discrimination and instability, and amidst a global pandemic. To attempt to support our Black community & allies with love, peace, and resources Pacific MNDFL will be offering all daily mindfulness workshops and classes completely free of cost for the next week. All are welcome. As an LGBTQ-owned, evidence-based mindfulness training center with strong values in social justice, Pacific MNDFL teaches and practices concrete tools for being with strong and painful emotions – tools for validating these emotions—and skills for telling ourselves, “You make sense – and your reactions to stressful circumstances make sense.” [Learn More]

Simple Ways to Practice Mindfulness & Relaxation at Cooper – Working in a hospital setting can be stressful at times. We are busy taking care of others, and it’s often the case that we forget to take care of ourselves. Here are a few, simple ways to help us regain focus, pay attention to our surroundings, and hopefully find pockets of relaxation in our busy day. [Learn More]

Stop. Be. Breathe. The exercise at this link is brief and might be useful in everyday life. It is very simple – it is a discipline of taking a few short moments each day just to stop and be in the moment, notice what is happening, and then move on. You might want to incorporate it into your daily work by, for example, stopping for a moment just before you see a patient, take a breath, wait a second and allow yourself to clear your mind so that you can just be with the patient. [Learn More]

Jefferson Mindfulness – Workshops include a balance of didactic content and experiential learning. Didactic materials emphasizes the current research on the benefits of mindfulness-based interventions used with a wide range of diagnoses and populations. [Learn More]

University of Pennsylvania Mindfulness – The Penn Program for Mindfulness provides powerful tools for coping and personal growth. Combining modern cognitive science with ancient mindfulness techniques, the program teaches participants to change the way that they experience themselves and their world. Participants learn to reconnect with the sources of meaning in their lives, to be steady in the most difficult moments and to connect more deeply with what matters most. Skillfully applied, mindfulness-based approaches help individuals to let go of unproductive habits and reactivity and start anew. [Learn More]