Request a R.I.S.E. Group

The C.A.R.E. Team provides in-person and virtual R.I.S.E. groups across inpatient and ambulatory settings for all team members. Groups are usually 30-45 min in length depending on the need. These groups are specifically in response to a critical event that has occurred. We recommend that leaders speak with their teams before requesting a group to determine whether team members are interested in such support.

To schedule a R.I.S.E. group, please complete the form below with information about your team’s needs (e.g., general information about the critical event – please be sure any details are de-identified to protect privacy). Someone from our team will be in touch shortly.

Please note: Research shows that psychological debriefing immediately after a traumatic event can actually worsen distress and increase risk for developing trauma symptoms over time. We recommend holding a R.I.S.E. group approximately 3-7 days after an event occurs and allowing team members space to utilize their preferred mechanisms for coping immediately after a stressful event occurs.