The C.A.R.E. Council

Leadership Team

Alexa Hays PhD - web

Alexa Hays, PhD

Alexa is the Wellness Psychologist for the Cooper Healthcare System. She is responsible for program development/evaluation and support of ongoing efforts across multiple levels of the Cooper system to promote professional fulfillment and resiliency amongst employees. She also supervises psychology trainees on the Behavioral Medicine Consultation-Liaison service and sees patients in an integrated primary care clinic. She is passionate about advocating for well-being, as such, she serves on several committees, including Graduate Medical Education Wellness, Physician Wellness, and Physician and APP Peer Support.


Kelly Gilrain, PhD

Kelly is the Director of Behavioral Medicine and the Director of Psychological Services at Cooper. She began working in the positive psychology research space during graduate school. She has been engaged in well-being initiatives at Cooper for over 5 years, providing didactics and resiliency groups for teams across the health system. This escalated with the pandemic and she became a core member of the Resiliency Resources Team, which has now transitioned into the C.A.R.E. Program. She has publications in the area of program development and well-being and numerous media presentations, invited lectures and CME trainings related to resiliency, mindfulness, self-care and health-care workers well-being.

Anthony Rostain

Anthony Rostain, MD

Dr. Rostain is the Chief and Chair of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health at Cooper, Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics, Cooper Medical School of Rowan University, and Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics, Perelman School of Medicine of the University of Pennsylvania. He has been studying and developing programs for addressing stress and burnout in medical professionals since 1985 when he completed the Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program at the University of Pennsylvania. He has developed experiential retreats and workshops to empower medical students, residents, fellows and practicing physicians as they confront emotionally challenging situations and experiences. Prior to coming to Cooper in January 2020, he was an active member of the Physician Wellbeing Steering Committee of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the Academy of Master Clinicians at the Perelman School of Medicine of the University of Pennsylvania. As a member of the C.A.R.E. Steering Committee, Dr. Rostain participates in developing the team’s resources, facilitating workshops, and engaging Cooper leadership in supporting the institution’s mission of promoting resilience and wellbeing.

Council Members

Maya Bass MD - web

Maya Bass, MD

Maya Bass is currently the Program Director of the Family Medicine Residency of Cooper. She began focusing on Wellness when she became a certified yoga instructor prior to entering medical school. Since graduating she has worked as a Residency wellness director, lead GME wellness initiatives, performed wellness-focused research, and has acted as wellness faculty for the American Academy of Family Practice. She is dedicated to providing compassionate care to stigmatized populations, incorporating social justice into medical education and improving the overall wellness of her patients, learners, and communities.

Ana Bullock

Ana Bullock, PsyD

Ana is currently the Psychology Internship Training Director. She began contributing to wellbeing initiatives in 2019, supporting cross-discipline initiatives to introduce and maintain a culture emphasizing wellbeing at Cooper. She began by running resiliency groups to cope with burnout and improve professional fulfillment prior to the pandemic, and has since contributed to resiliency groups related to COVID-19 and critical incidents across units. Additionally, she has integrated positive psychology topics, such as gratitude, into didactic lectures across the health system to support continuing education in the area of wellness.


Eileen Campbell, MSN, APN

Eileen is the AVP of Advanced Practice Providers (APP) and Licensed Independent Practitioners (LIP) and a Family Nurse Practitioner. She has administrative responsibilities for recruitment/retention, professional development and engagement, quality and safety, education and research activities for APPs and LIPs. She and many APP volunteers established the APP Peer Support Team which provides support and connection for all APPs. She was a core member of the Resiliency Resources Team and is excited to continue working with the C.A.R.E team to promote and support wellness programs and initiatives across the organization.

Corey Doremus PhD - web

Corey Doremus, PhD

Corey is currently the Psychology Externship Training Coordinator. He has contributed to wellbeing work at Cooper in 2022, initially facilitating R.I.S.E. groups following stressful events. He has subsequently contributed to many didactic lectures and presentations focusing on wellbeing, resiliency, and self-compassion for both trainees, providers, and Cooper team members. Corey also has expertise in the areas of establishing and strengthening interdisciplinary relationships across the health system to promote resiliency during complex interpersonal care interactions.


Philip Fizur, PsyD

Philip began contributing to the field of wellness in graduate school, having been an active member of La Salle University’s graduate wellness committee. He has been engaged in well-being initiatives at Cooper since 2019 when he was asked to join the newly formed interdisciplinary wellness committee. Philip has continued this work since, having become a co-founding member of the Compassion and Resiliency Experience (C.A.R.E.) team (formerly the RRT). He has since contributed to a number of publications and presentations in this area both within Cooper and for national organizations. Philip is especially interested in the use of emerging technologies to improve wellness initiatives.


Christina Goodwin, PhD

While working as an outpatient psychologist, Christina became interested in wellbeing in the workplace, after noticing it was a common topic discussed in therapy sessions. When the pandemic hit, she worked with other mental health providers to build resiliency among Cooper employees and providers. She provided ‘mental health first aid’ to individuals and co-facilitated resiliency groups throughout the hospital system. Since that time she has been a member of the Resiliency Resources Team, which is now called the C.A.R.E. Program.

Mark Thomas - web

Mark Thomas, DO

As a Hospitalist and holistic minded Osteopathic Physician for nearly 25 years, Mark Thomas appreciates exploring the joys and lessons of life’s circumstances along one’s lifespan with patients, colleagues, and co-workers, all within their communities, as well as with his own family. Within these circumstances are factors of coherence which can increase one’s sense of belonging, engagement, and behavioral change which can become life affirming, fulfilling, and lead to human flourishing despite dis-ease. Wellness as a ‘Way of Being’ inspired his journey to become a Master Certified Developmental Coach in 2016 and help refocus collective energies within our organization to finding more joy and meaning in our work and as a foundation in supporting the lives of those we serve. He is an active member of various wellbeing focused initiatives at both Cooper and CMSRU as well as regionally and internationally.

Paula Watson

Paula Watson, MS

Paula is a coach, educator, and trained mediator for workplace conflict. Her interests include coaching, positive psychology, wellness, resiliency, mindfulness, and leadership development. She has been involved in various wellness initiatives at Cooper during the past 20 years. In 2019, she became a core member of the Resiliency Resource Team, which has now transitioned into the C.A.R.E. Program.