Daily Dose

We need to pay attention to the latest information regarding the current pandemic, but we can also choose to attend to content that will bolster us and help reframe that information in a way that can reduce our distress. Accordingly, Cooper has initiated the Daily Dose, an brief, daily posting to help you keep perspective while we work through this challenge together. Our goal is to be as all inclusive as possible, recognizing that not all postings will speak to everyone, and still we hope that at least some are meaningful to you.

Looking for a novel approach to improving your wellness? Consider the healthy habit countdown challenge! Health behavior change is usually
A recent New York Times article by Tara Parker-Pope shared that “there’s mounting scientific evidence to suggest that diets don’t
Whether it’s taking fruit to work or being polite to rude strangers there are countless ways to make your life
As we continue to round out the year we can acknowledge but the difficulties and challenges that we have faced
The folks over at The New York Times have provided many pieces of practical advice for getting and staying healthy
Jancee Dunn of the New York Times recently wrote: "Last winter, with the Covid-19 pandemic in full force, some families
The period from late November through to the new year is marked by multiple secular and religious holidays. For many
As we have highlighted throughout the month of November, gratitude is an important part of psychological wellbeing, and has several
According to Monique Tello, MD, MPH, offering gratitude and overall adapting a positive stance even toward our challenges can protect
They are wise who do not grieve for the things which they have not, but rejoice for those which they