Daily Dose

We need to pay attention to the latest information regarding the current pandemic, but we can also choose to attend to content that will bolster us and help reframe that information in a way that can reduce our distress. Accordingly, Cooper has initiated the Daily Dose, an brief, daily posting to help you keep perspective while we work through this challenge together. Our goal is to be as all inclusive as possible, recognizing that not all postings will speak to everyone, and still we hope that at least some are meaningful to you.

Recently, Becky Harlan, Sylvie Douglis, and Andee Tagle published a piece on "Life Kit", NPR's advice column where experts answer
Dr. Sarah Pressman is an award winning Assistant Professor of Psychology and Social Behavior in the School of Social Ecology
Recently, Rittu Sinha at Forbes penned an article that contrasts the difference between what we saw as a culture about
Need help getting your random acts going? Here are six ideas to get your imagination going! Bring treats to work
Feel free to read the full article at https://www.nytimes.com/2022/09/02/well/family/random-acts-of-kindness.html New research shows small gestures matter even more than we may
Since 1949, the Mental Health Foundation has been the UK’s leading charity for everyone’s mental health. They take a public
Harvard researchers recently published findings that suggest nurturing yourself in small ways can help ease burnout and exhaustion. It’s hard
Pick one item from one section today and stick with it until you develop a new self-care habit. You might
Listen to the full story below, or read it at NPR.org. Sending a text to a friend can bring a
For over 80 years, researchers at Harvard have studied what makes for a good life. They found one surefire, scientifically