Daily Dose

We need to pay attention to the latest information regarding the current pandemic, but we can also choose to attend to content that will bolster us and help reframe that information in a way that can reduce our distress. Accordingly, Cooper has initiated the Daily Dose, an brief, daily posting to help you keep perspective while we work through this challenge together. Our goal is to be as all inclusive as possible, recognizing that not all postings will speak to everyone, and still we hope that at least some are meaningful to you.

Occasionally this wellness blog will share information whose sole intent is to, rather motivate you to take action, just feel
Andee Tagle (she/her) is a reporter-producer for NPR's Life Kit podcast. She recently posted an article discussing some key aspects
Yup, it's about that time again. The end of daylight saving is nigh. For many the extra hour of sleep
Happiness, Joy, and Meaning are related, but ultimately separate, concepts. Happiness: to the pleasurable feelings that result from a situation,
Living through a period in which there is so much that divides it is sometimes helpful to also attend to
Lesley Alderman is a Brooklyn-based psychotherapist who recently wrote a piece for the Washington Post describing what she feels is
What would it look like if we flipped the script on happiness? Rather than viewing it as the logical outcome
The following is summarized from the NPR article "How to have real fun — even when life's got you down"