Feel Good Friday: Kids Caring for an Officer

Six-year-old Amiyah Dantzler-Clay and her 5-year-old brother Jayden saw Police Maj. Richard Gibson parked in front of their Baltimore home and figured he could use a treat. So they took him an ice pop. While Maj. Gibson was in the children’s neighborhood that day scouting for ways to help improve the area for residents, two days after a homicide outside a vacant house, he was instead the beneficiary of the kids’ thoughtful gesture of a nice, refreshing, icy, grape-flavored ice treat. The officer was so moved that a couple of days later he returned to their home with a gift: a box full of their favorite frozen pops. The visit was a fun surprise for Amiyah and Jayden, who like other children have been isolated from friends and classmates during the coronavirus pandemic. Read more about this story at APNews.com.