Learning Zone

The Learning Zone Model, which was developed by the German adventure pedagogue Tom Senninger, is a helpful model that illustrates how we can create learning situations. While we did not choose or create this situation, we can nevertheless move ourselves out of our comfort zone, use our skills to tolerate the distress of fear, which will push us into learning and growth. Learning more about this model at https://bit.ly/3eQwqbS

Mindful Emotion Awareness

The practice of mindfulness to promote wellness in modern medicine can be traced back to 1979 with Jon Kabat-Zinn’s earliest work on the subject while at University of Massachusetts to treat their chronically ill population. The benefits of mindfulness as a preventative practice, however, are just as well documented. One area where mindfulness can be especially beneficial is in helping is understand and manage our emotions – not to control them, but to let us experience them without their interfering with our engagement in what is most important to us. In today’s Daily Dose, Dr. Christina Goodwin, one of Cooper’s psychologists in the department of Psychiatry, leads us through a exercise in mindful emotional awareness. Enjoy!

Be Agile

Susan David, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist and faculty at Harvard Medical School. She writes in her book “Emotional Agility” that the way we navigate our inner world – our everyday thoughts, emotions, and self-stories – is of great importance and drives our actions, careers, relationships, happiness, and health. That does not mean that we must be immune to stress, rather we should know how to cultivate insight into challenging situations and their interaction with our emotions and responses. In today’s Daily Dose, we provide an overview of this stance. 


One thing psychologists often caution against is perpetual cheerleading through hard times, e.g. consistently telling those who are suffering “look on the bright side, keep a positive attitude or you will make things worse!” While words like this are often well intentioned, they can invalidate the difficult emotions others are experiencing. In today’s Daily Dose, we remind everyone that you can remain positive and optimistic, while still feeling sadness and anxiety. 

This Won’t Be Forever

One effective means by which you can combat the distress of the current situation is through artistic expression. Emma Paxton, a Graphic Recorder and Digital Illustrator, created this image “to bring a smile and a ray of hope, created with love from ideas contributed by friends.” If words fail you today, try expressing yourself another way. 


Every day that we find ourselves in the hospital caring for the sick and dying, or at home trying to care for ourselves, may seem like an eternity. As difficult as it seems this, too, shall pass. Challenging as it will be, carrying this attitude throughout the day may help reframe even the most difficult encounters.

Do Your Best

Some people see a problem and feel that they do not have what it takes to address it. Others see problems as an opportunity. Know that every day that you come in to do your part you are seizing the opportunity do your best and in doing so, save lives.

Perfected Through Trials

When we are in the midst of battles that wound us at every turn it is difficult to appreciate the ways in which those wounds will benefit us at the end of the fight. No matter how you find yourself at the end of this, keep in mind that your efforts are changing yourself and the world for the better.