While lockdowns, quarantines, and homeschooling have been highly stressful for many some have been able to have fun with it now and again. Such was the case with Carly Catalano, who moved from British Columbia to Australia with her partner, Sam, and their 3-year-old daughter Florence during the pandemic which required a mandatory 14-day hotel-room quarantine.

Knowing that two weeks in tight quarters with an active toddler might be a challange, Carly and Sam found at least one very creative way to keep Florence entertaining: “discovering” a new breed of dinosaur: “Bagasaurus”.

The family used the items that came with their takeout food: bags, containers, cutlery, and an ironing board amongst other things to make their own DIY dinosaur which now stands at about 5 feet tall. Since it’s creation, Florence and her parents have also created matching paper-bag-scaled outfits for her to continue the fun.