A Lookback at the Good News

Years of research in the field of psychology have provided consistent findings that suggest people who are able to observe and integrate both the positive and challenging aspects of any given situation, a part of what we consider cognitive flexibility, are the ones who fair best in the face of difficult situations. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the most difficult aspects of this global problem have often been front and center, contributing to ongoing distress in the general public. So, to try to bring balance, a number of writers have taken to cataloging good news. Recently, elle.com cataloged 80 of the most uplifting news stories from early 2020 to the present.

Among the more recent of these stories include those of Europe’s oldest COVID survivor, and the role of fitness experts in promoting both physical and emotional health. Sister Andrea of Toulon, France was diagnosed with COVID just before her 117th birthday. She isolated from the rest of her cloistered retirement home but has since celebrated her birthday surrounded by a small, safe group of her closest loved one. When asked of her experience, Sister Andre shared that, since she was asymptomatic, she did not realize she had it, but was grateful for her outcome and the support she received.

Meanwhile, personal trainer Joe Wicks of the United Kingdom, helped parents throughout the country who suddenly found themselves acting as teachers when schools closed. Recognizing the role of physical fitness in mental health, Mr. Wicks helped parents teach and model for their children the most important aspects of physical education at home. Every Monday through Friday at 9am, Wicks streams 30-minute long live PE classes that children can do from their homes with their parents. Despite the UK seeing some relief from COVID, Mr. Wicks continues these courses. To recognize the impact of these efforts, he awarded an MBE from the Queen for his contribution.

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