The Magic’s in the Music

While music may not be an integral part of everyone’s life there is a growing body of evidence that playing that funky (or soulful, or rocking) music carries with it a number of benefits and can promote overall wellness.

As outlined by Lorrie Kubicek, MT-BC, contributor to the Harvard Health Blog, ongoing research suggests that music boosts our mood and well-being, and music therapy may help during treatments for certain health conditions. Some of these benefits include easing a transition to sleep with a soothing playlist, finding motivation for exercise by listening to upbeat dance music, aiding self-expression of emotions by singing, and connecting to others by attending a live musical performance.

In medicine, certified music therapists have helped patients by combing active and receptive interactions with music to decrease anxiety, shift patient mood, decrease pain perception during cancer or other medical treatment, increase expression and those living with dementia, and increase motivation among other benefits.

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