Mindfulness Monday: Thanking Your Helpers

There is a popular quote attributed to The Reverend Fred Rogers, better known to most as beloved PBS mainstay Mr. Rogers, that will appear across social media during tragic events, and that was quite popular in the early days of the pandemic. To paraphrase, Rogers says that, when he was a boy, and he would see scary things in the news, his mother would tell him to look for the helpers, that even in the darkest of times you will always find people who are helping. While it may not always feel that way, there is a strong truth to this sentiment, and so it may be helpful from time to time to cultivate gratitude for the helpers. This is especially true in medical settings, where many if not most of us want to be the helpers, and never the helped. To that end, today’s mindfulness exercise is meant to bring your awareness to those who have helped you get to where you are today and who will continue to walk with you going forward. Let’s jump right in.