Mindfulness Monday: Gratitude Review

Today’s Mindfulness Monday exercise brings our attention back to gratitude. Before we begin our exercise it might be helpful to briefly discuss how many are turning to gratitude at a time where it may be difficult to feel grateful for much.

UC Berkeley psychologist Dacher Keltner is a big believer in gratitude. He, like many other psychologists, have researched the benefits of practicing gratitude. Dr. Keltner’s research findings on the matter are so strong, as a matter of fact, that he uses this as a key component of his course at UC Berkeley, the Science of Happiness, which is now also taught inmates at San Quentin State Prison to good affect.

Dr. Keltner has studied stress, relationships and well-being for 25 years. He has created a series of videos designed to keep people feeling calm and resilient in the face of COVID-19, a pandemic that has touched every aspect of our lives and profoundly disrupted our sense of well-being and produced uncertainty and anxiety.

So let’s begin today’s mindfulness practice.