Kindness in Six Acts

Need help getting your random acts going? Here are six ideas to get your imagination going!

Bring treats to work

Next time you’re on the way to work, grab your coworkers some coffee or pastries. 

Show local businesses some love

It’s no secret that we love our local businesses. Next time you stop by your go-to spots, tip generously or write a positive review. You can also combine this and the previous, get you coffee and donuts from a local shop!

Plant native species

Add some green to your community by planting native species. Use the National Wildlife Federation’s Native Plant Finder to start your search.

Help our furry friends

Consider fostering or adopting a furry friend in need of a home, or volunteer at a local shelter, details available through Camden County. You can also donate monetarily or drop off blankets, toys, food, and supplies.

Volunteer with local organizations

Check out some local volunteer opportunities through Camden County at Volunteer Match.

Gift something just because

Whether it’s to recognize a teacher or just surprise someone special in your life, we suggest some gifts from local shops. Check out this directory here.