Get Some Rest: A Brief Guide for Those on the COVID-19 Front Lines

From the Society for Behavioral Sleep Medicine, an article for the nurses, doctors, other healthcare workers, logistics personnel, and all of the others who have been on the front line of COVID-19 these last many months. This is a reminder that the road to wellness starts with good sleep. Their article covers the importance of sleep, how to protect your sleep time, encouraging sleep in those around you, and what to do when you cannot sleep. The main take-aways are as follows:

  1. Remember that sleep can be a powerful ally in promoting your own health, immune function, and cognitive abilities.
  2. Get sleep when you can. Even brief naps may help, especially in the short term.
  3. Protect your sleep with eye masks, ear plugs, white noise, darkness, and other environmental safeguards.
  4. Protect the sleep of others, to promote their health and well-being.
  5. Avoid spending excessive amounts of time laying in bed trying to sleep. Get up.
  6. Employ countermeasures to maintain wakefulness and alertness, including structural supports.

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