Extending the Environmental Positives of COVID

The lockdown caused by COVID globally has led to several positive, though perhaps short term, environmental positives. These include reduction of air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, reduction of water pollution, reduction of noise pollution, and ecological restoration and assimilation of tourist spots to name a few.

With Earth Day 2021 fast approaching, the writers at the Good News Network have compiled a list of some less thought-of ideas to make near and long-term environmental change. These include

  • Buy biodegradable plant-made smartphone cases: At least one such manufacturer of cases for all Samsung and Apple phones has also partnered with Eden Reforestation to plant five trees for every case sold, contributing to reforestation in places like Madagascar, Haiti, Nepal, and others.
  • Plan the Greenest-Possible Funeral: While celebrating Earth Day is not when most people imagine planning their funeral, Better Place Forests allows people to leave behind a legacy of conservation through a reservation of a memorial tree in their unique “memorial forest preserves.” At a fraction of the cost of a normal funeral service, one can reserve a tree in some of the most beautiful forests in the country, around which ashes can be scattered. The costs of the service go to preserving the forest in the highest possible standard forever.
  • Ocean plastic bracelets: The famous maker of bracelets that pulls plastic out of the ocean is offering a special Earth Day bracelet. Pairing with a non-profit that plants coastal trees, the normal deal of one pound of marine trash per one bracelet sold is also including a $1 donation to tree planting. Their limited edition bracelet comes with two charms, one for 4Ocean and the other for SeaTrees, the non-profit, and features green beads in addition to blue ones. GNN featured 4Ocean’s efforts last year, when they reached 8 million pounds of diverted ocean garbage, to try and show this brand is actually making a huge difference.
  • Recycle (or Reduce) Your K-Cups: Coffee roasters such as Don Francisco have announced they will give those who buy their product a pre-paid shipping label to mail them back all coffee-pod waste, and earn points towards donations to charities of your choice. Want a good, single cup of coffee without a K-cup? Consider a French Press!