Dialectics for the Holidays!

The period from late November through to the new year is marked by multiple secular and religious holidays. For many people these holidays can mean trying to balance multiple competing priorities, and ostensibly competing emotions. For those looking for some guidance on how to navigate this we can turn to the world of DBT, or Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.

In DBT, the term dialectical refers a synthesis or integration of opposites. Observing and reconciling these dialectics leads to relief of distress and overall improve wellbeing by helping people get unstuck from extreme positions, e.g. “either I host the perfect holiday dinner or I am a failure.”

The image below highlights a number of dialectics that people often get trapped in, especially during the holidays. Have a look, see which might hit home with you, and take a moment to consider how you can honor both sides of the dialectic today and going forward.