10 Simple Ways to Improve Your Health

While many of us have been well-intentioned before and during COVID in terms of resolving to make sweeping lifestyle changes, it is common to become complacent. Many have continued to aim to quit smoking, lose 20 pounds, AND start exercising daily. While it is good to have goals, the beginning of  better health doesn’t always have to mean making huge leaps and, in fact, should not! In today’s Daily Dose emphasizes that great change comes from taking one small step and mastering that, before moving on to the greater goal. The below article describes 10 potential ways to improve your health. Pick one (or choose your own) and see if you can slowly master it over the next two weeks. If so, great, move forward! If it is a challenge, taking a step back and consider a smaller, simpler goal to gain a sense of mastery before retrying the more advanced health behavior change.