Crowne Plaza Cherry Hill open and discounted to first responders / medical professionals

Crowne Plaza Cherry Hill is open and providing discounted lodging services to any first responders or medical professionals who would rather work away from their families for safety reasons. Any essential personnel seeking housing, please reach out to our Director of Sales, Kristin Stahl at 856-665-6666 extension 6127 or by email at to discuss special rates.

Need for Plasma

During the global crisis brought about by COVID-19 many of us have aspired to contribute in as many ways as possible. One ongoing area of need is plasma donation for those infected with this virus. Specifically, the local and global health community are seeking those who have officially tested positive for COVID-19 and have been symptom free for 14 days to donate blood plasma at specific locations. Such donations can be general, or “direct donation” earmarked for Cooper. This may benefit patients admitted to this or other ICUs who have been designated as critical. To learn more, visit You can also learn more about blood/plasma donation at

Exercise away the coronavirus blues

Washington officials are turning to strong social distancing measures, likely our best shot at curbing transmission, giving our health-care system and infrastructure time to adapt, and protecting those most vulnerable to severe COVID-19. But without its own mitigation plan, this new way of life could also have harms, by diminishing social contact and disrupting daily life. Losing daily routines, along with Washington’s now-shuttered recreational facilities, could also worsen the physical inactivity crisis, already contributing to nearly 1 in 10 U.S. deaths. The CDC recommends 150 minutes of at least moderate-intensity activity and two days of strength training weekly, a benchmark too few of us achieve.


Compassion and the Coronavirus pandemic

Yes, it’s official. Covid-19 is now a pandemic. But even as this disease spreads from country to country, infecting people and taking lives, it is also robbing countless others their peace of mind, livelihood, and humanity. Covid-19 is a scary disease, made scarier by the reactions it is eliciting in the public psyche. You can read more about managing distress regarding this situation at Thrive Global.

Training: CBT for Chronic Medical Conditions

This workshop, taught by Allen Miller, PhD, offers practical tools useful for planning and implementing treatment for patients with a variety of chronic medical conditions. Participants will learn to conceptualize clients according to the cognitive model, use motivational techniques, develop treatment and action plans, integrate relaxation and mindfulness techniques, and encourage clients to make healthy lifestyle choices. Techniques will be presented to help patients respond to dysfunctional beliefs related to hopelessness, discouragement and unfairness—and other cognitions that undermine their motivation and sense of self-efficacy. This interactive workshop includes case discussions and experiential exercises. This workshop is designed for mental health and allied health practitioners, including physicians, nurses, and psychiatrists who treat patients in a medical setting.

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