Rest, Recharge and Reward

Healthcare providers have previously expressed that prioritizing wellness activities, with dedicated time and space to do so during a paid workday, can contribute to a sense of improved wellness, As such, we aim for our Re-charge, Re-sync, and Reward initiative to provide pop-in educational health and wellness promotions lasting 5-10 minutes each and occurring 2-5 times per week on various united within Cooper University Hospital. The goal of these pop-ins will be to learn and practice skills such as stress management, mindfulness, relaxation, and anxiety reduction, as well as teaching commitment to personal growth wherein cultivating resilience is the goal. R&R topics will include tracking stressors; establishing boundaries between personal and professional lives; building greater confidence in one’s abilities; relaxing the body and mind (mindfulness); learning to identify and reconsider distorted thoughts; sleep goals; micro-pauses (i.e., focusing for several minutes on physical sensations and feelings while doing a brief, practical chore).

Research has also shown that interventions that emphasize interpersonal interaction and communication have been shown to improve professional fulfillment and has been linked to increased patient satisfaction scores. As such, another focus of this component is to increase respect, recognition, and rewards between providers. This will be done regularly with encouragement through unit leadership amongst the team as well as with certificate and plaque presentations for those that exemplify well-being. In order to encourage motivation to engage and competed assessments for the R&R, we will provide a menu selection of items upon completion.