Health and Wellness Committee Tasks

Weight WatchersContact Weight Watchers specialist to gather information on having WW onsite groups
Marketing - Zenith ClimbHow to advertise electronically and with signage - connect with our Marketing Team
Connection with local gyms/memberships
Parenting content of siteidentifying pre-schools, parenting supports, identifying pre-schools that have discounts through Cooper and adding additional parenting resources that might be helpful for employees
Digital SignCollect and coordinate inspirational messages, puns, etc develop 'contest', Develop a plan for how often these change - daily? Weekly? and change of topics
Cooper Foundation line itemInvestigate the logistics of using this as a place to gather donations and the likelihood of being able to utilize that money
Walking Maps Create maps of areas local to cooper offices (marlton, voorhees, camden, etc) with highlighted routes, adding distance
Spiritual Supports Identify spiritual groups, events, etc both at Cooper and in the community resource list
Exercise Classes Coordinate having classes offered at Cooper, we have an instructor, navigating interest (a poll? table outside the cafeteria assessing interest?) and coordinating dates/times/room scheduling, etc
Sleep workshopsAna BullockResearch the need for and likelihood of having individuals attend educational session on improving sleep quality? coordinate speaker (series?) and put forth dates/times that this could occur
Engagement Survey Assist with development of questions to be added to engagement survey