Code Ally – Peer Support Group

Our aim is for this to act as a peer support service, to which a Cooper employee can self-refer or be referred by a peer or a supervisor. Providers have previously expressed an increased sense of wellness and support from their employer when there is enhancement of social support in the workplace. Accordingly, we seek to facilitate peer support leaders who are identified by peers, supervisors, or via self-nominations and who will then engage in a full day training with a Provider Wellness Expert. This training will provide education and direction on how to be a Peer Leader; managing others’ distress; caring for the caregiver; education on trauma symptoms, self-care, grounding techniques; how to manage challenging issues; effective communication; and when to refer out for additional support.

Employees will then be able to access Peer Support services through a portal link and email, with all requests reviewed within 24 hours and screened for additional information if needed before the Peer Support Leader who is on-call for that week is alerted. Code Ally will utilize the supports already in place through CareBridge (EAP) and their available Crisis Supports. The program will also work in conjunction with the Crisis Incident Stress Management (CIRT) as it develops at Cooper.