Smartphone Applications

Emotional / Psychological Wellness

  • Address Negative Thoughts
  • Stay Present Focused
  • Knowing Your Values
  • Practicing Gratitude
    • Gratitude: Personal Growth & Affirmations Journal for iOS or Android

Intellectual Wellness

  • Reading
  • Exploring
    • Explore new places using Spotted by Locals for iOS or Android
  • Language Learning
    • Learn a new language for free using Duolingo (iOS or Android) or, if you have a library card, Rosetta Stone (iOS or Android).
  • Games
    • There are countless free brain training games for all platforms, such as Elevate for iOS or Android. Browse your app store and try a few!
  • Sleep
    • You can use CBT-i Coach for iOS or Android to improve your sleep using sleep hygiene, stimulus control, sleep restriction, cognitive therapy, and relaxation training