We need to pay attention to the latest information regarding the current pandemic, but we can also choose to attend to content that will bolster us and help reframe that information in a way that can reduce our distress. Accordingly, Cooper has initiated the Daily Dose, an brief, daily posting at http://wellness.cooperhealth.org/ to help you keep perspective while we work through this challenge together. Our goal is to be as all inclusive as possible, recognizing that not all postings will speak to everyone, and still we hope that at least some are meaningful to you.

The events that took place January 6th in our nation’s capital have left many of us even further shaken after
Read the full story at APNews.com When Marybeth Hearn was 10, she asked her parents if she could train a
With every new year comes a new opportunity to resolve to move ourselves closer to the person we want to
Many of us begin each new year by making resolutions, and for many with whom we have spoken recently, these
To say that 2020 has been a difficult year would be a historical underestimate. The difficulties often take front and
For many of us, the new year means a resolution to change our eating habits and lose weight, often driven
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This week's mindfulness exercise is delivered by guest contributor Neil Seligman, one of the UK's best known mindfulness practitioners. This
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