Wellness Grand Rounds

Research as shown that physician cited increased awareness of resources for wellness initiatives offered by their organization as one of the most importance wellness-enhancing factor. Visibility of leadership valuing wellness and promoting programming for protected time dedicated to wellness were also appreciated. As such, we aim to facilitate Monthly Wellness Rounds (Individual, Leadership, Organizational Levels), with the first series beginning in August 2020 and ending in August 2021. These will be coordinated by members of this research team and speakers will be invited from inside and outside of the Cooper organization to speak on varying wellness topics. This will be advertised throughout the Cooper system so that all employees are invited to attend. These will occur in the Hospital Conference Center on the first Thursday of the month from 12:00-1:00 pm and lunch will be provided. Topics will be determined by input from providers and staff and will likely involve the areas of Compassion, Self-care, Mindfulness, Stress Management, Financial Wellness, Spirituality, Coping Skills Emotional regulation and Sleep Hygiene. As such, the goals of Monthly Wellness Rounds are not only educational (to provide useful wellness strategies), but also to increase awareness of available resources and programming available at Cooper.