ivongo – Diabetes management – combining advanced technology with coaching to support your diabetes. Program is at no cost to employees and is offered to employees and covered dependents through AHA plan.  

Diabetes is recognized as one of the top ten chronic conditions in the United States, with more than 1.5 million Americans diagnosed every year. For those who work in health care it can be easy to lose sight of your own well-being as you focus on caring for others. To help our employees with diabetes better understand how to manage their condition, Cooper is partnering with the Livongo for Diabetes Program. Livongo is a team of certified diabetes educators and response specialists who provide support and interpret health data to create actionable, personalized, and timely insights on how to make living with diabetes easier. 

How does it work? Livongo uses two components: 

  • A glucose meter that uses cellular technology to automatically upload readings to the internet so that they are accessible online. This eliminates the need for handwritten logbooks or upload cables. 
  • Coaches provide real-time support, guidance, and personalized insights. They will even reach out when a reading requires medical attention. 

Who is eligible? The Livongo for Diabetes Program is offered to Cooper employees and their covered dependents with diabetes at no cost through the AmeriHealth Basic, Standard, and Core plans as part of our Wellness Program. 

What are the benefits of this program

  • Coaching is anytime and anywhere – Your coach is a certified diabetes educator who will provide support and answer questions on nutrition or lifestyle changes anytime and anywhere via phone, text, and mobile app. 
  • Connected blood glucose meter – Instant transmission of your data allows for personalized insights at every check. 
  • Easy-to-understand readings – You can add information about how you were feeling at the time of your reading. This will help you understand what might be causing your results. 
  • Online access – You can view your glucose reading online. 
  • Unlimited strips at no cost to you – Get as many strips and lancets as you need with no hidden costs. When you are close to running out, Livongo will ship more supplies right to your door. 

 How do I register?  

  • Registration opened on April 8, 2019
  • To register visit and use registration code COOPER, or call Livongo Member Support at 800.945.4355 and mention registration code COOPER. 

If you have further questions, please contact the HR Benefits Department at 856.382.6432 or email us at 

El programa Livongo está disponible en Español: Cuando se registre, usted seteará el idioma de preferencia y luego el medidor y el programa estarán en Español. Para registrarse en Español, por favor llame al 800.945.4355 o visite