Resiliency in Beirut

Beirut continues to recover from the recent port blast that killed at 178 and injured thousands more. Already taxed hospitals caring for those victims now face a rise in coronavirus cases. And yet, in the midst of such incredible challenge, the people of Beirut remain resilient and signs of this were seen everywhere starting immediately after the explosion and continuing to today. Large crowds of citizens were immediately in the streets with brooms and shovels to begin the clean-up. Engineers volunteering their own time to try to make safe the many damaged buildings. On social media, the story and images of a nurse, surrounded by shattered glass and blood, caring for three newborns and attending to the rest of her duties in the aftermath of the blast, has been widely circulated. More broadly, the citizens have begun to organize, to channel very strong emotions, to address the longer standing issues that led to this tragedy and in doing so are becoming power agents of governmental change.

For today’s Daily Dose, we encourage anyone in need of inspiration to look to the people of Beirut. Even when weary, their resiliency shines through. Anyone who wishes to support relief efforts might consider donations to the Lebanese Red Cross or United Nations’ World Food Program.