Shifting Gears

We are often reminded that our response and adjustment to COIVD-19 is a marathon, not a sprint. This started for the US in January and we now find ourselves six month in with no definitive end in site. It times it can feel like an uphill battle. Sometimes life can feel like we’re struggling to drive or cycle up a long and steep hill, in top gear. The motor just can’t get us there. It works really hard, but it’s impossible to get up that steep hill in top gear. We need to change down a gear or two. Changing down gives the motor more torq, and is much better able to drive those wheels up that hill, albeit a bit slower. It can be like that with life sometimes. We try to struggle on in top gear, expecting so much of ourselves, of others, of life itself. Sometimes we need to change down a gear. Slow it down, reduce the struggle. Carry on, but in a lower gear.