We propose to create and evaluate each component of the Compassion and Resiliency Experience (C.A.R.E.) program. Components will include:

  • Code Ally – Peer Support Group
    Staff and providers will have access to a Peer Support service, to which they can self-refer or be referred by a peer or a supervisor. Providers have expressed an increased sense of wellness and support from their employer when there is enhancement of social support in the workplace.
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  • Wellness Grand Rounds
    One year of monthly wellness rounds will begin August 2020 and end in August 2021. These will be coordinated by members of this research team and speakers will be invited from inside and outside of the Cooper organization to speak on varying wellness topics.
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  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
    Mindfulness training has shown benefits for reducing healthcare providers’ burnout and improving clinicians’ ability to listen more attentively and respond effectively to their patients, as it “improves breathing, being emotionally present, cultivating affection, and facilitating a nonjudgmental relationship with thought.” We will open spots first for our Peer Leaders who will self-nominate for a position in the group and then open up self-nominations for the rest of Cooper providers and staff.
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  • Rest, Recharge and Reward
    We plan for select units to receive R&R interventions. These interventions will be pop-in educational health and wellness promotions lasting 5-10 minutes each and occurring 2-5 times per week, per unit. The goal of these pop-ins will be to learn and practice skills such as stress management, mindfulness, relaxation, and anxiety reduction, as well as teaching commitment to personal growth wherein cultivating resilience is the goal.
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  • Zenith Climb
    Cooper will soon be launching seasonal Zenith Climb challenges. Stay tuned for more information, and check out our sample here.