What if… Cooper made it easier for you to eat healthier? Cooper provided tools and experts to help put your money to work for you? Cooper rewarded the steps you take toward personal wellness? Having Cooper’s support in our desire for physical and financial wellness would be great, right? Now you have that support with Cooper’s Thrive365! 

What is Thrive365?

Thrive365 is our umbrella name for Cooper employee benefits that support you in your goals for physical and financial wellness – helping you thrive 365 days a year. If you see the Thrive365 logo, you’ll know that you already have this benefit and that we have the resources to help you meet your goals.

Who can participate in Thrive365? 

All employees of Cooper University Health Care have access to Thrive365. Certain activities, such as financial wellness education from Fidelity and the Go Bananas healthy eating challenge can be accessed online, anytime, anywhere.

Healthier food options are found in the Cooper Court Cafeteria in the Kelemen Building. Healthier snacking options are found in vending machines throughout Cooper, wherever you see the Thrive365 banner.

How can I learn more about Thrive365 programs? 

You deserve physical and financial wellness. As a Cooper employee, you have access to programs and benefits to help you enjoy a better quality of life everyday, 365 days a year. Discover how Cooper can help you Thrive365.

Additional questions can be directed to the Benefits Department at 856.342.6432 or HRBenefits@CooperHealth.edu.

From any Cooper computer you can learn more at http://portal/Departments/thrive365/default.aspx