Physician Peer Support Program

Get Confidential, One-On-One Support

A career in medicine can be demanding and stressful. Sometimes it is helpful to talk to a colleague who understands our stressors and the effects that they can have on us. Our colleagues may understand circumstances in a way that even our caring family members and friends may not.

The purpose of the CUH Physician Peer Support Program is to provide Cooper physicians with confidential collegial support and resources for life’s inevitable clinical, professional, and personal challenges. 

We connect Cooper physicians one-on-one with colleagues who can informally listen, provide perspective, and assist with identifying options for additional help, if needed. 

Physicians seek our Peer Support for a number of reasons:

    • Distress over clinical events or litigation
    • Career support (e.g., navigating first year in a new role or a role transition)
    • Workplace conflicts
    • Challenges with work-life balance
    • Burnout
    • Patient issues

The Process

    • Complete a request form by clicking the link below:
    • A peer supporter from another department/division will be assigned to you and will contact you within a few days to meet in-person or by phone.
    • Past interactions have included grabbing coffee or going for walks together, while some other interactions were limited to texting. This can be decided by you and your peer supporter.