Mindfulness Booster: Building Awareness

Welcome to our second installment in our Mindfulness Booster series.

As life continues to inch towards some semblance of normalcy there will be a natural tendency to lose sight of some of the good habits we built during the pandemic. Whether we miss a day in our newly found exercise streak or the late night snacks start creeping back in, a regression to the mean is normal. Acknowledging that, we here at the RRT want to provide some encouragement to keep up one healthy habit – mindfulness based practice.

Today we move on to review another basic skill, building awareness.

This exercise is designed to cultivate a heightened sense of awareness and appreciation for simple daily tasks and the results they achieve.

First think of something you do every day more than once that you take for granted. For example, unlocking a door. Stop for a moment as you put the key into the lock, feel the mechanism at work and how your body and the lock works together.

Notice how you feel in that moment then you first prise open the door and how you feel about where the door will lead you.

Pick a task and do this process for it the whole day.