Feel Good Friday – Clint Hurdle

Former Colorrado Rockies and Pittsburgh Pirates manager Clint Hurdle began sending daily notes of inspiration more than 10 years ago. They were a simple, small way of checking in with his staff to discuss leadership ideas, to offer support. He and his colleagues would share a “One up and one down,”something good from the week as well as something tough. Hurdle never planned to be an important voice to friends and acquaintances near and far amid a global pandemic. Yet what used to be informal group text messages have turned into much more — every morning, his Daily Encouragement emails go out to some 5,000 eager recipients. Today we encourage you to consider how what you feel are small acts of kindness you are alreay doing are having far reaching positive effects. Read more at https://apnews.com/20bc34bab3cfec813e1f5eb88ed1143e